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What type of paper do you use for the prints?

As an environmentalist, I try to do my work as a photographer as sustainably as possible, including printing my work. That is why all my work is printed on sustainable Hahnemühle Hemp paper. This is quality paper entirely made from natural raw materials like hemp and cotton, without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Do your prints come with a white border?

Yes, all my prints are printed standard with a white border so that you can frame the photo more easily without the image being lost. The white border is also used to number and sign limited print editions.

Do you offer framed prints?

I do not offer framed prints. Frames make shipping worldwide more difficult and expensive, while the choice of a frame is personal and different for everyone. In addition, the chance of damage during transport increases when sending framed prints.

Do you sell bigger sizes than those are offered in your shop?

Yes I do. All open edition prints are available in a bigger custom size. Please send me an email to inquire for prices and to customize your order. All limited edition prints are delivered in the sizes as indicated in the shop to guarantee exclusivity. Film prints also only come in the sizes as indicated in the shop. Film has a limited resolution and is losing quality if you print bigger sizes. To guarantee the quality I only offer 20 x 30 cm and 30 x 45 cm film prints.

Can I order a print that I see on your socials, but is missing in your shop?

Sure! Please send me an email with the photo you would like and the size you want it printed on, and I will customize your order.

What is the difference between a limited and open edition?

Limited print editions are only available in a limited number of 50, spanning the available formats for digital and film prints. This means that your print is 1 out of only 50 pieces in the world and therefore exclusive. So when all 50 prints are sold, there won’t be any more available. All limited edition prints will be signed by hand and are numbered. The price for a limited edition print is higher and may go up as availability drops. Open edition prints have no limit in number and are not exclusive, numbered or signed. The price for an open edition is therefore lower than that of limited editions.

Where do you ship?

Prints are shipped worldwide. Please make sure that you enter the correct and complete address information so that the print arrives at the right place.

How long will it take to ship my print?

All prints are produced in the Netherlands and have a production time of around 7-10 working days after confirming your order. The shipping time after production depends on the final destination:

The Netherlands: 1-4 business days
Rest of Europe: 2-16 business days
Rest of the World: up to 23 business days

Please note that shipping to distant or remote places may take longer. Orders may also take longer due to the COVID situation. This is complete out of my control and I’m apologize if your order is delayed as a result.

What is your return policy?

All orders are custom made and are therefore nonrefundable. However, if your print arrived damaged and you can show that this was done before you received the print, you will receive a new copy for free (shipping at your own costs). Please send me an email if your order is damaged, so I can help you to get a new one.