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Bosnië & Herzegovina: remains of the Civil War

Tunnelmuseum in Sarajevo
Wapenkamer Dutchbat
Graffiti Dutchbat “United Nothing”
Dagen afstrepen VN-basis Dutchbat
Fotokopie van tekst in VN-basis Dutchbat
VN-basis Dutchbat
VN-basis Dutchbat
Opslagplaats grafkisten Srebrenica
Olympische skischans Sarajevo
Latin Brigde Sarajevo
Mijnenveld Oost-Bosnië
Olympische bobsleebaan Sarajevo
Kogelgaten in de muur

In the autumn of 2018 I traveled through the former Yugoslavia, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the break-up of Yugoslavia, Bosnia opted for independence in 1992. The Bosnian Serbs did not accept the result, which was followed by years of civil war. The aftermath of this war is still visible everywhere. Buildings still full of bullet holes, minefields that have not all been cleared and the many unanswered questions about Srebrenica, where the largest genocide in Europe since World War II has taken place.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

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