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Hi, I’m Shamira

Photographer, writer & environmentalist

Shamira is a Dutch photographer who exchanges her home base on a regular basis to travel the world, preferably with husband and cat in their self-built campervan.

With a free, independent and sustainable lifestyle she’s sharing her knowledge and experience at her blog Wander Rebel to inspire others to live the same free life. Along her travels she’s looking for stories to document as a photographer with a focus on lifestyle, travel and documentary.

Shamira is a digital and analog (film) photographer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her work and travels have taken her from the Arctic Circle and former Yugoslavia to the Australian outback. She draws much of her inspiration from the outdoors, different cultures, beautiful places and social issues.

A photographer, writer, travel and outdoor enthusiast, part-time vanlifer and environmentalist.

With her passion for honest storytelling she contributes and inspires to go out and explore, telling stories that are worth sharing and create awareness about social issues.

When working on customer projects she’s always striving to work together on telling the story of your brand. She loves to work with sustainable travel and outdoor brands who share the same mission – explore and be good for the environment – and bringing it out by working together.

Love to hear from you!